This author's publications can be found under the names VALDIVIA BEAUCHAMP or her pseudonym VAL BEAUCHAMP.
Her Books
STIGMA,Saga for a New World
Publisher Luso-Brazilian Books, NY C, 2004
Becauce Of Napoleon
Publisher Booksurge,
NYC , 2008
O Rei que espionou Napoleao
Publisher Thesaurus Editora de Brasilia, Brasilia, 2009
La Faute a Napoleon
Publisher Yvelinedition,. Paris, 2010
Publisher Edicoes Bagaco, Recife, BR, 2003
STIMA, Saga por um Novo Mundo
Khatun, Gertrude Bell, mentor de Lawrence d'Arabie
Yvelinedition, Paris, 2012
My Mesopotamia Notes, of Gertrude Bell
Createspace, NYC, 2015
At IV Seminar about Brazilian Immigration in Europe. (Erlangen)