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"NOUS LES FEMMES DU BRÉSIL, Défis et conquêtes des temps modernes", (Collection of Literary Essays by Oficina do Livro Editora, S. Paulo, 2009). 14.99 + 3.00 S/H
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"La Faute a Napoleon" ISBN 9 782846 682381 (235 pgs) paperback $18,50-FNAC.Publisher Yvelinedition,France French version-Paris, 2010.
"WE WOMEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY, Challenges and Anchievements of Modern Times"
ISBN 978-1451518238, (260 pgs) paperback, $20,00, Anthology, Publisher: Createspace, NYC,2010.
KHATUN, Gertrude Bell mentor de Lawrence D'Arabie.
(360 pages)paperback $25 -
FNAC .Publisher Yvelinedition, France, 2011..